How to avoid brittle and dry eyelashes?

The biggest cause of thinning lashes is age-related. When certain hormones drop, it can result in decreased follicle stimulation, slowing down the growth of new hairs, including your lashes. Eye infections, thyroid imbalance, and vitamin deficiency are common causes of thinning lashes, but it can also be caused simply by wear and tear from eye rubbing or poor makeup habits.

Here's how to protect and thicken the lashes you do have and get growing again.

1. Create healthy lash habits! 
We tend to ignore cleaning our eyelashes, with and with out extensions. Especially when wearing mascara. And when we do give it a try, we are most likely doing a good enough job. 

Using a Lent Free Sponge is a sure way to get all of your make up from your lash line. Your lash line is the most missed places being clean by you and some lash artist. The lash line is where foundations, eyeliners, and mascara like to build up. This can cause eye irritations if not taken care of. Cleaning your lashes should be a daily routine just like washing your face. 

If you wear extensions, it is good to clean your lash 2-3 times per week or daily when using make up daily. For a gentle scrub I recommend you use a lash cleaning brush to clean your eyelids and eyelashes. Then use a lash spoolie to brush your lashes in place after cleaning.
Don't forget to dry your extensions any time you get them wet. 

2. Stay away from harsh mascara's. 

Misuse of mascara can be a major cause of lash thinning. Harsh mascara's can cause your eyelashes to dry out and become brittle. Just like our hair, ingredients matter. Did you know that mascara expires? Expired make up can cause eye and lid irritations. You should never use the same tube for more than 3 month as mascara expires and bacteria can build up and cause an infection.
Lash Me Now's Keratin Mascara Line conditions and treat your lashes making them thicker, stronger and shinier.

3. Try a eyelash growth serum

Lash Me Now Eyelash Serums are specially formulated vitamins for your lashes. By providing follicles with the right nutrients, it provides an optimal environment for hair growth. Our Eyelash Serum delivers nutrients such as plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and peptides are the most effective for strong, healthy lashes. Check out the Faq page here to learn more.

4. Be Consistent!
Consistency can be a task at times. But when you figure out your best routine, it will make it a lot easier for you to keep your good lash habits. One big tip I recommend is to keep all of your lash cleaning tools in the bathroom. This way, it is there once you are done with your morning and nightly routines.