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Why Lash Excellence Keratin Mascara?

Lash Excellence, is oil free making it a no brainer for lash extension wearers when there is a need to cover up a much needed lash fill by filling in your lash fill gaps and extending your natural eyelashes.

Lash Excellence is for any lash type making it the Perfect Lash Boosting Extending Mascara that conditions and thickens the natural lashes.

Check out our Lash Duo combo that includes 1 Lash Me Now Eyelash Serum and your choice of our Lash Keratin Mascaras.

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Keratin Boost Mascara

Through the Use of Vitamins and Nutrients, Keratin Boost Mascara formula works from the Inside out.

Perfect for all lash types and beneficial for those who get their lashes lifted, are coming out of eyelash extensions, or use lash curlers.

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I love the Keratin Boost Mascara. It's soft and gives me the look I want when wearing mascara


I have a allergy to gluten and have been using these products with out any irritations or reactions.


I love my lash bundle. I started seeing my results in 12 days with Lash Me Now system.


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